Services we offer

Off-site competence center

We propose this business model to those companies where knowledge, flexibility and customer satisfaction are the three major drivers of the business and achieving it at affordable price would give a great advantage. Organizations often lack the luxury of flexibility and/or paying high price for talented and well qualified individuals to keep them in service. Also fighting with budget allocation and head count stops makes it highly difficult to staff projects on an optimal way.

Accepting our services would enable you to overcome these obstacles. We would provide a team of experts to fulfill the requests of resource needs.

People in this team would be dedicated to your resource pool. Their professional development would be planned in alignment with the requirements of technologies used.


3rd line technical support

This service delivers offsite support to supplement a customer’s in-house level 2 support team for application environments. This type of support can include onsite review of the software environment, measured telephone support for a determined duration, or the availability of consulting support resources from our experts.
Support requirements are defined in the form of a service level agreement (SLA). Requirements are periodically reviewed and adjusted to meet your requirements.